Exact Mixed Integer Programming for Integrated Scheduling and Process Planning in Flexible Environment


1 Professor, university of science and technology, Tehran, Iran

2 MSc. , university of science and technology, Tehran, Iran


This paper presented a mixed integer programming for integrated scheduling and process planning. The presented process plan included some orders with precedence relations similar to Multiple Traveling Salesman Problem (MTSP), which was categorized as an NP-hard problem. These types of problems are also called advanced planning because of simultaneously determining the appropriate sequence and minimizing makespan in the process of scheduling. There are alternative machines for each operation and different sequences for each order, which create a flexible environment for production planning. In process planning ansd integrated scheduling, most mathematical models have two sets of ordered pairs with precedence or non-precedence relations between operations; therefore, these models cannot be solved using optimization software. Therefore, in this paper, this problem was modeled by a new approach and solved by GAMS software. The model was validated by the existing data in the literature.