A Novel Innovative Design Improvement using Value Engineering Technique: a Case Study

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Yazd University


Manufacturers around the globe are competing for the identification of innovative value propositions to survive in the competitive and complex market. This paper is intended to investigate implementation of Value Engineering (VE) technique into the product design concept for necessary changes in design of the humidifier system in order to lower unnecessary costs and to increase quality of the product. Humidifiers are used for ventilation and cooling the air at most houses in cities located in hot and dry areas. Value Engineering as a systematic attempt is used to increase efficiency of the product, and optimize the life cycle cost. This leads to a shift from traditional design towards new efficient designs. For this study, an 8 stage job plan is used for VE job plan. In this article, different components of humidifier were analyzed thoroughly and then numerous suggestions were made at the brainstorming sessions. Function Analysis System Technique (FAST) was also utilized at the first stage. Main findings lead to a conclusion that there were more suggestions at the brain storming session. Main findings lead to a conclusion that best suggestion for improved design of the humidifier is change the material of fan cover from galvanized iron to hard plastic or fiber plastic.


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