Multiple Batch Sizing through Batch Size Smoothing


Department of Industrial Engineering, Iran University of Science and Technology, Tehran, Iran


Batch sizing in different planning period is categorized as a classical problem in production planning, that so many exact & heuristic methods have been proposed to solve this problem, each of which considering various aspects of the original problem. The solution obtained from majority – e.g. MRP – is in this format that there may be some periods of idleness or each period should produce as needed in different adjacent periods. If there are more the one final independent product to be produced in a factory, this makes the production planning experience strong variations in batch sizes for different periods, which production managers are opposed to these proposed production plans. In this paper, some of the models are proposed to solve this shortcoming of the production plan to smooth the variation of batch sizes and consequently to meet the managers ideal. Finally all of the proposed models are used in a real case problem and the best model is introduced in that case.