Trajectory Optimization of Cable Parallel Manipulators in Point-to-Point Motion


1 Iran University of Science and Technology, Robotic Research Laboratory, College of Mechanical Engineering, Tehran, Iran

2 University of Semnan, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Semnan, Iran


Planning robot trajectory is a complex task that plays a significant role in design and application of robots in task space. The problem is formulated as a trajectory optimization problem which is fundamentally a constrained nonlinear optimization problem. Open-loop optimal control method is proposed as an approach for trajectory optimization of cable parallel manipulator for a given two-end-point task in point-to-point motion. Dynamic equations are organized in a closed form and are formulated in the state space form. A computational technique is developed for obtaining optimal trajectory to maximize dynamic load carrying capacity. By solving the corresponding nonlinear TPBVP, the problem of optimal path and maximum carrying for a 6 DOF spatial cable robot is studied. Finally, dynamic modelling in ADAMS is presented and to validate the optimal control method, optimal trajectory concerned with dynamic motion is compared with the software results.