Improvement of Land Management in Ukraine


1 Department of Geodesy and Land Management, Sumy National Agrarian University,Ukraine, Sumy,

2 Department of Geodesy and Land Management, Sumy National Agrarian University,Ukraine, Sumy

3 Department of Geodesy and Land Management, Sumy National Agrarian University,

4 Department of Geodesy and Land Management, Sumy National Agrarian University, Ukraine, Sumy


< p>Successful implementation of land reform requires the implementation of large-scale market transformations, in particular in the structure of land tenure and land use, in the field of land valuation. The article is devoted to the development of scientific and methodological bases of economic evaluation and use of land resources of agricultural enterprises, substantiation of approaches and recommendations for improvement of ecological, economic and institutional principles of land development in the conditions of new land relations. The economic mechanism of realization programs of protection and reproduction land resources is developed. Mandatory monitoring lands of agricultural significance is proposed in order to identify degradation processes, negative changes in soil condition, development of a long-term forecast of agricultural land use. Due to the fact that the state does not carry out strategic management of land resources, the rate of land degradation is growing, actions to increase soil fertility is not planned. One of the main method of monitoring land resources can be the observation of changes in their condition in the long run using five- and ten-year cycles. It is proposed to move to annual monitoring, which allows to identify the main trends in land use and apply the results to the planning and management of land potential of the country, region, company. The results of monitoring of agricultural land resources in general can be an information base for the characteristics of arable land, which can be used for the purposes of internal land management, implementation of measures to optimize land use, as well as to improve the regulatory assessment of land.

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Improvement of Land Management in Ukraine


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