Identifying the Factors Affecting Consumer Perceptions on Product Safety and Model Presentation (Case study: Home Appliances Consumers)

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1 Department of Business Management, Central Tehran Branch, Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran

2 Department of Business Management, Central Tehran Branch, Islamic Azad University,Tehran, Iran


Product safety affects the health of the citizens of a society and improves the quality of life. Improved product safety will increase the competitive power, reduce warranty costs, and prevent the claims of liability and return of goods, compensation. Accordingly, the current study presents a conceptual model for the perception of product safety home appliances consumers. The research method in this study is the Mixed Method. This research is involved three Cognitive, Design, Evaluation Phases. Statistical Population is home appliances, consumers. Sampling in the quality phase is Targeted Sampling and in quantity phase, is systematic sampling. The cognitive phase began with library research and exploratory interviews were conducted with 20 academic experts of sales, exclusive representation, repair, and warranty of home appliances. In the design phase, using a structured questionnaire compatible with the interpretive structural modeling technique. Finally, in the quantitative model evaluation phase, a researcher-made questionnaire, suitable for structural equations using partial minimum squares, was used. The questionnaire was distributed among 384 consumers of home appliances. The fit indicators confirmed the fit of the theoretical model with the data. On the other hand, the significance level was 0.0001. Therefore, the model of perception of safety for home appliance consumers is accepted with 95% reliability. Designing a conceptual model for perception product safety of home appliances based on a comprehensive set of the effective factors, developing the theoretical literature in the field of the factors affecting consumer s perceived product safety, and presenting valuable results for academicians, marketing managers, and producers.

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Identifying the Factors Affecting Consumer Perceptions on Product Safety and Model Presentation (Case study: Home Appliances Consumers)


  • This paper develops a conceptual model for consumers perception product safety of home appliances based on a comprehensive set of influential factors.
  • The research method in this study is the Mixed Method based on Triangulation in Data. . We were using content Analysis for identify variables, and interpretive structural modeling to communicate  variables and structural equations using partial minimum squares with Lisarel software for evaluation model.
  • In the identification phase, a total of 380 factors were identified through reviewing the literature and in-depth interviews with home appliance experts. Based on the factors identified in the previous step, a questionnaire was designed using the interpretive structural modeling (ISM) technique and provided to the experts. Of 380 factors, the content validity of 297 factors was confirmed by the experts. Based on the literature review and expert opinions, 297 factors were identified and classified into 8 main categories and 41 sub-categories.
  • The fit indicators confirmed the fit of the theoretical model with the data. On the other hand, the significance level was 0.0001. Therefore, the model of perception of safety for home appliance consumers is accepted with 95% reliability.
  • Figures 1 and 2 indicate that Customer orientation and training, Seller-related factors, Instructions and labels, Sociocultural factors, Advertising and marketing, Demographic characteristics, Customer knowledge and awareness, Product-related factors affect safety perceptions of home appliance consumers.


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