Marketing Aspects of the Key Issues of Agricultural Machinery in the Industrial Enterprises

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1 Batumi Shota Rustaveli State University, Batumi, Georgia

2 National Aviation University, Kiev, Ukraine


The article deals with marketing aspects of key problems of industrial enterprises of Ukraine. The current situation requires manufacturers to focus their activities on long-term profit and business efficiency. This can only be achieved by improving the quality of products. Accordingly, to increase the competitiveness of products and to formulate and use a flexible mechanism for managing the marketing activities of enterprises based on the development of a successful pricing strategy. The authors noted that the system of forming competitiveness is a complex process that occurs under the influence of a large number of factors. It is noted that the analysis of the organization of their sales network is important in the study of competitors and means of stimulating the sale of goods. The emphasis is placed on the key factors for the success of price policy: price changes, and therefore the consumer agrees to increase prices only if he is convinced of the fairness of this growth and vice versa.

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Marketing Aspects of the Key Issues of Agricultural Machinery in the Industrial Enterprises


  • The success of the functioning of any economic unit, regardless of the profile of activity, depends on its ability to respond and correctly monitor any changes occurring in the external environment and reflect them in the strategy of long-term development, commercial and commodity policy of the enterprise in the form of appropriate management decisions.


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